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  • Monitor de fluxo de ar LCF 013, sensor de fluxo de ar

Nome do Produto:Monitor de fluxo de ar LCF 013, sensor de fluxo de ar

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LC 013/LCF 013
Contact typereed / magnet contact
Normally Closed (NC) switch contact open when air is flowing
Normally Open (NO) switch contact closed when air is flowing
Max. switching voltageNC: 240VDC (UL), 240V AC/DC (VDE) / NO: 60VDC
Max.switching current NC: DC 500mA / NO: DC 170mA
Max. switching capacity10W (resistive load)
Switching threshold of airflow velocity>2.5m/s (hysteresis:>1m/s)
Max.airflow velocity50m/s
Contact resistance<370mΩ (with wire)
Max. air humidity70% RH (not precipitating)
Service life>100,000 cycles
Connection2×single strand AWG26, length 500mm, tip of stranded
wire 5mm stripped and tinned (NC:black, NO:blue)
Mountingalternatively integrated integrated in protective grille (see table).
mounting clamp or mounting clip
Casingplastic according to UL94-HB, black
Fitting positionbidirectional tab perpendicular to airflow
Operating / Storage temperature-20 to +50°C (-4 to +122°F) / -20 to +80°C (-4 to +176°F)
Protection typeIP20

Model Art. No. (NC) Art. No. (NO) Dimensions Weight (approx.)
LC 013 01300.0-0001300.1-0034×17.5×7.5mm5g
LCF 013 01301.0-0001301.1-0080×88×10.5mm 20g
LCF 01301302.0-0001302.1-0092×92×10mm20g
LCF 01301303.0-0001303.1-00120×120×10mm30g

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