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  • NTL 522-L

Nome do Produto:NTL 522-L

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NTL 522-L
Operating voltage230VAC or 120VAC
Heating elementPTC resistor - temperature limiting
Temperature safety cut-out

to protect against overheating in case of fan failure, automatic reset

Heater body

anodised extruded aluminium profile

Surface temperature

max. +75°C

Axial fan, ball bearing

Airflow, free flow 45m³/h (50Hz) or 54m³/h (60Hz)

service life 50,000h at +25°C (+77°F)

Connectioninternal connection terminal 1.5mm² with strain relief, clamping torque 0.8Nm max.
Connection casingplastic according to UL94 V-0, black
Mountingclip for 35mm DIN rail, EN 60715
Fitting position

vertical airflow (air outlet up)

Operating/Storage temperature

-45 to +70°C (-49 to +158°F)

Operating/Storage humiditymax. 90% RH (non-condensing)
Protection type/Protection class

IP20 / I (earthed)

Noteother voltages on request

Art. No.Heating capacity¹Operating voltageLength (L)Weight (approx.)
52210.0-L100W230VAC, 50/60Hz182mm0.8kg
52215.0-L150W230VAC, 50/60Hz182mm0.8kg
52225.0-L250W230VAC, 50/60Hz182mm0.8kg
52230.0-L300W230VAC, 50/60Hz222mm1.2kg
52240.0-L400W230VAC, 50/60Hz222mm1.2kg
52250.0-L500W230VAC, 50/60Hz222mm1.2kg
52210.9-L100W120VAC, 50/60Hz182mm0.8kg
52215.9-L150W120VAC, 50/60Hz182mm0.8kg
52225.9-L250W120VAC, 50/60Hz182mm0.8kg
52230.9-L300W120VAC, 50/60Hz222mm1.2kg
52240.9-L400W120VAC, 50/60Hz222mm1.2kg
52250.9-L500W120VAC, 50/60Hz222mm1.2kg

¹ at +20°C (+68°F) ambient temperature

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